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We have been using the same supplier for the past 25 years, and they haven’t let us down yet. The turkeys always have a good cover of fat which is important for the roasting process. The size of the bird and the thickness of the breast meat can dry out when roasting so the fat cover will help baste the bird and keep the breasts moist and succulent. We’ve been rearing bronze & white turkeys […]

Catering Service

We can deliver to businesses within a 5 mile radius Tuesday through to Saturday. Orders should be placed 24 hours before delivery All products are prepared fresh, Where possible, with some taking considerable time to prepare. Some other products require ordering several days in advance, or are limited depending on market availability. Bearing this in mind Thursday is the last day we can order in from the market, and order with consideration that late orders […]


We will happily take Freezer and bulk orders. Unfortunately we can only take these orders in person or over the phone (we are working on other ways to place your order). We can pack the items in any way that suits you. Due to stock it may take a few days to complete the order, we can inform you of this at the time. there is also 10% off when you spend £100