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With the recent fears of overuse of plastic, we realise it is at the forefront of a lot of peoples mind. So we are trying to help in a couple of ways. 

  • You can bring in sealing containers to transport your meat home with you.

  • we have hessian bags, all we ask is there is a £2 donation to the rocking horse appeal.

  • we also have started a Eco packing option, for 50P 

The Eco packing option consists of, sealed and Fresh Gum Strip seal bag. Perfect for all meat with innovative, breathable, traditional, Kraft paper finish preventing sweating of your product discolouring yet still maintaining a leak proof pack. These bags are fridge and freezer safe to make the perfect pack for your meat.

This also includes a 100% Home Compostable Vest style Carrier Bag. Which are certified OK Compost and Home Compost! They are ideal if you are looking for something more waterproof than our Recycled Paper Carrier Bags.

What is Compostable Packaging:

Compostable packaging is packaging which is manufactured from renewable plant-based materials, which has been certified to compost within an industrial composting process, along with food and garden waste.

Please ask for this service before we start packing.

save the planet.