We value your custom, so we want to give something back.

Hey! We are running an awesome promotion. Please participate and tell your friends about it as well.

Every £1 you spend gives you 1 point in your loyalty account. Collect 100 points and you can redeem £1. You can only earn points from purchasing items on our website. Points cannot be earned from purchases inside our store, nor can they be redeemed inside our store. Orders made by phone will also not earn points.



If you have already made an account with us then you will be taken to your account page to link up.

Your points can only be redeemed on our website, not in store.

Your points will be added to your reward account, when you have accumulated over 200 points you can a redeem the points on your checkout page.

rewards can only be earned through purchasing in our online shop and the points can only be redeemed online, which is via delivery or collection. if you are not in the catchment area then appling may not be for you.

There is no expiry date on your points. you can use a Maximum of 1000 points in one transaction. If for any reason we decide to finish the loyalty scheme we will give you at least 1 month notice.